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Most yoga studio owners started their job because they wanted to spread peace and tranquility. Instead, they are facing the cruel world of business marketing.

Happy customers and maintaining steady virtual and foot traffic can be exhausting and challenging. We will provide information which would help you with those challenges and will increase foot traffic to your yoga studio for up to 10% if applied correctly.

Involve yourself in social media experience

If you haven’t done this already this is a big must. Up to 40% of the foot traffic comes from social media.

For this reason hurry up and get on board with all the location based apps: Four square, Swarm, Gowalla, Thinknear, Pushlocal and many others. This is a good idea because usually traffic in yoga studios is connected to living locations.

Make sure your WordPress website has a nice map of your locations – like store locator wordpress.

Host a yoga retreat with brand line gifts

If some of the friends of your existing clients haven’t already seen a product of your brand line, this would be a good chance to do so. Keep in mind that when hosting an event like this, the marketing and the whole preparation process should be done weeks ahead.

This way, potential clients would be able to clear that schedule for the time being. On this retreat, invest some more and offer some of your brand line products.

Yoga teaching is something all want to share

For this reason, creating your own t-shirts of mugs with your brand logo and contact info will be like a walking advertisement. This is a nice option because this way you are reaching to the friends of your actual clients which are most likely to join since they already have a buddy in the class.


There is a great probability that most of the guests would become hosts the next time. They already know their classmates and they will have something which will always remind them of your business, your brand product!

Design sells and appearances matter, at least in marketing

When thinking of a yoga class, everyone imagines a calm and relaxing atmosphere with plants in the room and light colors. Anything less than this would be disappointing to a potential client and it certainly won’t drive him to join the club.

Broken lights and peeling paint or a dirty space should all be out of the picture. Invest in your yoga studio and hang some dynamic photos or handmade art.

People are visual creatures

You have to have a great storefront in order to attract attention. If you have that luck to own a studio with windows on the street, use that advantage and announce every marketing technique you decide to use loud and clear.


If you don’t, hang a sign on the street with directions to your yoga studio. Make the sign interesting enough so that it defers from the surrounding. Remember, it is not important for a marketing material to have a great design, it is only important to attract attention, and that we can do!

Hopefully you will implement the suggested marketing techniques and enjoy the increased traffic. Make sure you share with us your results, and of course, we are always here for further explanations. Leave us a comment in the comment section bellow and share with us your experience!

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